Ever clicked on page 2 of your Google results? Nope. Neither have we.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Your new best pal.

SEO Copywriting is the technique of writing concise and targeted content using industry-relevant keywords and action-inspiring expressions to engage with consumers.

Ever read a website, marketing email, or brochure that hit you in the face with punchy rhetorical questions or poked you in the feels with sensory words that made you act?
Ever clicked on a website that had the EXACT phrase you searched for?

That’s clever writing.

Why does my business need SEO Copywriting?

Because consumers want the easiest and most digestible copy to get them to what they want.
They don’t want to sift through paragraphs of useless information to finally get to the relevant bits.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Also, Google looooooooooooooves organic SEO.
It loves fresh content that engages with and provides value to consumers.
It loves relevant content.
It thinks your clever use of long-tail keywords is very sexy.

You can make Google fall in love with your business by using SEO Copywriting.