Inspire your subscribers to read on, instead of flicking you in the trash.

Are your emails a bit boring?

“Hey! We’re having a sale and you’ll…” DELETE.
“Would you like to hear about…” DELETE.
“blah blah you’ll love this (you won’t) blah blah…” DELETE. 


*Puts on best infomercial voice*

Are you guilty of sending boring and uninspiring marketing emails to disinterested readers who unsubscribe from or trash your emails as soon as they arrive? 

Do you think to yourself, “no… it’s okay…they’re just not my people.” while you secretly cry in a cupboard because no one reads your emails? 

Well, wipe those tears and pull your big person pants up because the chances are, it’s not them, it’s you…which is GREAT news because that means we can fix it! 


Email marketing copy

Like ALL copy – it needs a strategy. 
You need to know WHY you’re sending it, WHO you’re sending it to and what makes them tick, and WHAT you want to inspire that person to do. 

But first thing’s first, you need a Witty Wordsmith to inject some humour, wit, and action-inspiring language with a nice subject line cherry on top.