The Witty Wordsmith

Where it began...

Expert copywriter, avid indoor plant murderer collector, mother of two strong-willed and fiercely hangry girls, and lover of words (or ‘logophile’ if we’re being sticklers).

Sam is your friendly neighbourhood copywriter based in Geelong, Australia and has been writing ever since she could wield any utensil at her disposal. Words have never been merely the sums of a whole to her, but rather each with its own individual origin, purpose, and intention that can transform a message into a thousand possible meanings.

While the other school kids were off doing things kids do, Sam was pen-in-hand, writing intricate and complex ‘choose your own adventure’ novels and plays that seemed to spill onto the paper from the inkwell of her imagination.

Today, her passion and enthusiasm for language and the way in which it’s used remain unchanged. Every word is chosen carefully to fit its purpose, and this level of detail is carried through her professional life.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Strategic Communications, Sam’s knowledge of persuasive and strategic writing can tell a brand’s story in a magnetic way that inspires action.

Sam works closely with national and local businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries to put your message into words, your personalities into brands, and your businesses in front of the eyes of your audience.

Sam takes a highly consultative approach to helping businesses translate ideas and messages into tangible and digestible content for audiences in a way that tells a compelling story.