Why Your Business Needs a Blog


Blog. You’re familiar with the term because it’s the same noise you inadvertently make when business pros keep telling you that your website needs one.

As content marketing specialists, we can attest to blogs being a valuable business tool to keep clients informed on your movements, drive online visibility and SEO rankings for your website, and provide valuable and useful information.

We’re not just trying to plug our services, this is legit.

“But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” your internal monologue may whine.

Here are a few reasons.

Blogs Improve SEO Rankings

Static websites are the Titanics of Google. They sink…then they sink some more… then they snap in half… then sink more… then there’s something about a floating door that only has room for one…

You get the idea.

No longer can businesses just slap together some generic content, stick it on their website, then dust their hands off and wait for the clients to come rolling in. If you’re not updating your content, you’re sinking.

Blogs are an insanely useful tool to continually refresh your content in a way that is informative, entertaining, and rich with delicious keywords for the Google monster to snack on.

Blogs promote feedback and brand engagement  

If your blog offers something of value to customers, your engagement will skyrocket.

Blogs offer customers the opportunity to directly connect with businesses on topics that interest them and provide valuable feedback on the content that will double as an insight into what your audience does/doesn’t engage with.  

Take care to monitor feedback so you don’t end up with bot spam and comments like “Loved your blog! Here are 20 different ways you can use Viagra!”

Blogs keep businesses sharp

Businesses tend to become complacent when they’ve established themselves and a good customer base, but like a floating door in the Atlantic Ocean that clearly has enough room for two people, it can all be snatched away at a moment’s notice.

Regularly writing and publishing a blog for your business forces you to keep up to date with industry knowledge and customer trends (even if someone else is writing it… *cough cough*).

Blogs increase your website traffic

I know. We said ‘a few’ reasons. But stay with us – this one’s really cool.

Blogs are shared as links that drive users directly to your website. From there, you can be clever about making your site intuitive enough to encourage a longer session time and more browsing.

You can do this by referring and linking to other blogs you’ve written on a subject, having a call to action at the end of your blog with an easy click to complete, or writing blogs on certain products that you sell and linking them directly to your online store.

Boom. Told you it was cool.

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